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Photo Booth Promotional Film

Clay Heller
An epic $14,000 production spanning months of planning, three days of filming, twenty actors, and ten crew members. 

The real beauty of the photobooth is how easily it facilitates capturing excitement, capturing friendships, capturing love... capturing memories. The moments created in this booth will live framed in people's homes for years, if not generations to come. By empowering people with the capability of taking their own professional photographs, you introduce a creative freedom that can't be supplied by a professional photographer alone. By having a photobooth at an event or celebration, you allow the collective personality to become the creator, taking the experience of the event to a new level and the memories of that event into the distant future.

Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the photobooth, this film focuses on the lasting impact that a photograph makes in people's lives and how easily the photobooth facilitates that impact. This approach humanizes the mechanical.

We open the piece with several sequential scenes of people in their homes living their lives around photographs taken by the photobooth. In each scene the framed photograph is prominently positioned so that the photographs are the obvious common element tying the scenes together. In each scene we see different people living their lives around these photographs and we begin to realize that the memories contained in these images are what ties lives together and ties time together. We see our characters playing with kids, preparing for a concert, brushing teeth, getting back from a run, and generally going about their lives, all in the presence of these framed photographs.