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Photobooth Webinars and Education

Brandon Wong

There is more to running a business than just opening your doors. Preparation and research are key, as is education. In fact, a business education may be the most important factor in successfully establishing yourself and succeeding in the current market world. From the 54 billion a year wedding industry to local birthday parties, at Photobooth Supply Co, we understand and value education more than anyone.

We are the only company that spends the money to host an educational webinar for our owners every month. We are the only company that retains those webinars and currently has a catalog of almost 20 hours of educational material about running a photobooth business, freely available to anyone who becomes part of our community. This content varies from social media to an explanation of the legal facets of owning a photo booth.  

Click the image above to watch the Overview Video from Photobooth Supply Co.

You may be waiting for the perfect moment to start that second business, to get out of your office job, to pay off your credit cards, to be your own boss. That perfect moment is right now. Even if you don't find that a photobooth is right for you, make your tomorrow better than today.