• How do I purchase the booth?

    Please place an order with us in the "SEE PHOTOBOOTH PRICES" section of the website. 

    You can also apply for financing through this link. At this time, financing is only available to those in the USA and parts of Canada. There is no obligation to purchase a booth once filling out the form. You can always change your mind and pay with credit card.

    Our booths take a standard of 7 weeks to manufacture, but we can expedite the production process to only a week for $500 (expedited production processing not always available - please call us to verify availability). Please choose your preferred option upon checkout.

    Once shipped, the booth will take anywhere from 3-5 business days to arrive via UPS. The packages are insured and will require signature.

  • What kind of payments are accepted?

    We currently take all major credit cards, checks, and bank transfers. For those customers not residing in the United Stated or Canada, we only accept checks and wire transfers. All prices are in US dollars.

    For checks or wire transfers, please contact us during business hours so we can create the order for you and send you the mailing or transfer instructions. Please call or email our sales team and include your full name, address, phone number, and model requested to get started.


  • Is Sales Tax included? Do you collect Sales Tax?

    We only collect sales tax for booth product purchases and delivery within the state of California. Any products being shipped outside California will not have sales tax collected.

  • Is there a discount for purchasing more than one booth at the same time?

    Absolutely. Inquire with us to learn more about your options.

  • What is the turnaround / shipping / delivery time?

    Our booths take a standard of 7 weeks to manufacture, but we can expedite the production process to only a week for $500 (expedited production processing not always available - please call us to verify availability). Please choose your preferred option upon checkout.

    Once shipped, the booth will take anywhere from 3-5 business days to arrive via UPS or Fedex. The packages are insured and will require signature.

    For backdrops and props, orders within the USA will shipped via USP, UPS or FedEx. Free Shipping arrives within 7-10 business days after the order is placed. 

    The shipping courier for orders outside of the country will vary. Additional fees may apply for international shipping depending on the country. If this is the case, then Photobooth Supply Co. will send you an invoice for the additional amount. Shipment will not occur unless these aforementioned fees are paid. All other fees associated with international shipping such as brokerage, customs fees, etc. will need to be paid by the purchaser of goods. 

    The estimated delivery dates shown online are purely estimates and Photobooth Supply Co. cannot guarantee delivery dates. Any issues with your package will need to be taken up with the shipping courier

  • Do backdrops come with the booth?

    No, we want to give you the freedom to be creative with your backdrops. If you need help, check out the backdrops we have to offer here.

  • Will I be trained on how to operate the booth?

    After your payment is made and your order begins processing, we will email you links to videos and manuals demonstrating the setup of the booth. They are very comprehensive and filled with images and videos.

  • What if I have my own camera and/or studio strobe?

    If you own your own camera, we can deduct $600 off the price. You will also need to provide the camera Mini-USB to USB cord and AC Adapter. The following cameras can work with our system:

    Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 50D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1, Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i, Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i, Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i, Canon EOS 500D/Rebel T1i, Canon EOS 1100D/Rebel T3, Canon EOS 1000D/Rebel XS, Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi, Canon EOS 40D The T2i is known for overheating issues which can cause delay or shut down the photobooth. We also only recommend the non-STM version of the 18-55mm lens (do not use the kit lens). 

    The only camera that is tested to work perfectly with our booth is the Canon T3i (600D) and SL1 (100D). We are sure the others work properly but we cannot guarantee 100% functionality. It is always possible to purchase a camera later on from us. 

    As for the strobe (flash), you are also more than welcome to use your own strobe for a reduction of $225. It must be AC Powered and also have the ability to be connected to a camera with a PC slot. Any strobe other than our Alien Bees will not fit in the carrying case, but you're more than welcome to cut the foam and modify it.

    To order a photobooth with or without various electronics such as cameras or strobes, use our PHOTOBOOTH CONFIGURATOR to configure the system that's best for you.

  • What kind of camera is included with the booth?

    The booth comes with a Canon SL1 with 18-55MM II zoom lens. This is an entry level DSLR which is all the booth needs. The zoom lens allows the booth to move closer or further from the backdrop depending on the venue's space requirement.

    We have tried using a $5,000 camera set up in the booth and there was little to no difference in image quality. We could go into detail about why, but we wouldn't want you to fall asleep on us!

  • Do your booths print?

    Our PRINTER and PRINTER+ options have a printing feature. Please visit the “SHOP” tab on top to find more information.

  • Does the booth require an attendant?

    We always recommend that your booth have some supervision. Plus it’s fun to interact with the guests!

  • Does the booth come ready to be used out of the box?

    Yes, we provide you will everything you need to begin partying right away. It is a true turn-key solution.

  • Is Photobooth Supply Co. a franchise?

    No, we do not take franchise fees or require any money from you after you buy your booth.

  • Is the booth under warranty?

    All electronic equipment is covered by their original manufacturer's warranty for at least one year, except the printer which is warrantied for three years

    The structure is under warranty for one year. This does not cover normal wear and tear.

    The carrying cases are guaranteed for life.

  • How many people can fit in the booth?

    As many as you want! There are no limits.

  • Can I use the Photobooth Supply Co. branding?

    No you cannot, but the beauty of purchasing our booth is that you get all the benefits of a franchise without having to pay us any fees! The booth is completely owned by you upon purchase which means you can name your company anything you want.

  • Who pays for customs and brokerage fees for international shipping?

    Customs and brokerage fees are not included in the price and will need to be taken care of by you. Once the packages arrive at the border UPS or your country will be contacting you in regards to the process and pricing.

  • How big of an area do you need for setup?

    We recommend anywhere from a (6’ x 5’) to a (9’ x 7’) area, but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your situation.

  • Can the camera shoot vertically?

    Yes! The camera bracket allows for vertical and and horizontal shooting.

  • Are there any financing options?

    Yes! Financing is available to those in the USA and parts of Canada. Please visit the "FINANCE" section to learn more.

  • Do you finance in Canada?

    Yes! We do offer financing to businesses based in Canada. For financing in Canada, the regions that allow financing are: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. 

    Please visit the "FINANCE" section to learn more.

  • Can I use a wireless remote/trigger?

    Our booth is activated through the touchscreen tablet located in the front of the unit. Guests will see a “live view” of themselves in addition to a “PHOTO” and “VIDEO” button. Once they initiate a “PHOTO” sequence, it will take a series of three photos. It will count down each time and then show a preview of the image. This is all done in a customized interface that you can brand yourself.

    If you opt to use a wireless trigger like this one, you will lose the interface of the touchscreen. Instead, the touchscreen will appear just like the back of your camera. The screen will be black until you take a photo, and then you will see a preview.

  • What kind of customer support will I receive?

    We strive for the best customer support for all of our owners. If you ever run into an issue, we  offer various levels of support.

    1) You are always more than welcome to contact our support team directly. During regular business hours, we are available via phone, email and Skype. We do respond to support issues the same day or within 24 business hours.

    2) Upon purchase, you will be invited into our private Facebook users group where many of our current owners share marketing ideas, referrals, templates, and more. This gives you 24/7 access to questions, answers and ideas from other owners and users. 

    3) We have created a Photobooth Supply Co. Support Website site which offers step by step assembly and support videos, guides, instructions as well as owner's FAQ and an extensive knowledge base of answers.

    4) If you purchase our PRINTER or PRINTER+ option, there is a call center available M-F during normal business hours to help with your printer. They are truly amazing and know everything about dye-sublimation printing.

    5) For specific issues, you can directly call the manufacturer of the part directly (Canon, DNP, etc.)

    6) We also have optional Premium Emergency Support which offers you 24/7 emergency assistance and technical support for after-hours and weekends!

  • Can you tell me more about the DNP DS620A printer?

    We use a DNP DS620A which is the king of dye-sublimation printers. Dye-sub printers combine the speed of a laser jet and the beautiful colors of an ink jet. Vibrant prints come out in less than ten seconds and the image quality is just outstanding. The printer holds 400 prints at a time which is good enough for 2-4 events. In addition, the ink and ribbon run out simultaneously, which reduces the number of times you’ll need to replace media.

  • What sizes can the printer print?

    The DNP DS620A can print 4x6 and 2x6, and with larger media, 5x7 and 6x8 prints.

  • Can I set up the booth permanently at a location without an attendant?

    Our booths are created with portability as the number one priority. People who buy our booth are normally entrepreneurs in search of a rental business.

    Because of that, we usually do not recommend our system for owners looking to have a permanent solution which can operate without an attendant.

  • What kind of computer is included?

    All of our booths come equipped with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This has all the power and and performance of a premium laptop all behind a gorgeous 12" touch screen.

  • What is a the iPad used for?     Can I use my iPad with the Booth?

    Unfortunately you cannot use an iPad to run the photobooth. The photobooth software is only able to run on a Windows PC system.

    There is a optional iPad integration to use the iPad as a remote "sharing" kiosk. The iPad integration is a complete third party purchase. You would supply your own iPad, iPad stand (which we do sell in our supply store) and software. Once you purchase the booth, we will give you links to all of our favorite products and software that’s compatible with our unit. It’s also necessary to have either a mobile hotspot or a wireless router that the photobooth and iPad can connect to.  Be prepared to spend anywhere from $300 - $800. Photobooth Supply Co. owners get a special $50 discount code for the iPad software. [Please note: We do not provide support for iPad integration; please contact the software developer directly].

    The iPad integration doesn't take photos, but is a "watch folder" based program that allows for social media uploads on separate stations away from the booth on on top of  photobooth software at the booth. It becomes a stand-alone kiosk. In other words, it can help keep the lines moving by giving guests an opportunity to login and share their photos away from the booth on another kiosk.  It will allow all the same social sharing options that the photobooth comes with.

  • Does the booth come with a carrying case?

    Each of the three options come with a carrying case that will fit everything that the BASIC option includes. The PRINTER+ is the only model equipped with a second carrying case that houses the printer and the printer enclosure. The PRINTER model does not have a carrying case for the DNP DS620A printer.

  • Will I need to change batteries throughout an event?

    Nope! The entire unit is AC powered so you’ll never have to change batteries or open up the booth for any reason throughout the event.

  • How is the photobooth powered?

    Our photo booth requires 110-120 Volts AC power. All the components are connected internally within the photo booth structure, so on the outside, there is only one AC cord to plug into the wall!

  • Can I use the photobooth overseas or internationally?

    Your photobooth can be powered internationally (outside North America and USA) on 240VAC power lines with the use of inexpensive two-way (120V to 240V or 240V to 120V) true magnetic transformers. Suitable transformers (only true magnetic transformers, not electronic transformers or converters) can be found from a variety of retailers. 

    We recommend a 750-1000 Watt transformer for the BASIC photobooth which will allow full operation without danger of blowing fuses in the transformer. To operate a PRINTER model, we recommend a 1000-15000 Watt transformer.

     We recommend the 1700W Krieger 240V to 120V step down transformer model or any other similar model.

    Another option is to upgrade the booth flash strobe to a "global voltage strobe" ($300 upgrade) which would remove the need for a transformer, however that strobe would be black in color rather than white.

  • Where are your booths made?

    Our photobooths are created in Southern California by the industry’s best fabricators and welders. Each booth is carefully handmade and inspected before shipping.

  • Can the software shoot with a green screen?

    Yes! The guests can select their choice of green screen backdrop before each photo, they can cycle randomly, or you can set it to one constant image.

  • Can the software record video?

    Yes, the booth comes standard with video recording functions. You can set the video to be as long or as short as you please.

  • Can the software record slow-motion video?

    Yes! The booth can record slow-motion video via the DSLR.

  • Can the software shoot black and white images? What about creative filters?

    Yes, the booth can shoot with sixteen different creative filters, including black and white, sepia, and more.

  • How high is the booth with and without the umbrella?

    The booth is approximately 74” to the top of the strobe and 88” to the top of the umbrella.

  • Where do I purchase paper and ink?

    There are many photobooth companies that force their owners to exclusively purchase overpriced paper and ink from them. This eats into your margins and also handicaps you in the case of an emergency and need paper urgently.

    We allow you to purchase paper and ink from wherever you wish which means you are always getting the best price and have local dealers available readily available. Once you purchase our booth, you will be given links to some great suppliers who we use to get your printer supplies!

  • What is the return policy?

    Props, downloadables, and photobooths are final sale. 

    Photobooth Supply Co. will gladly accept any regularly priced, clean, and unused backdrops for exchange. In addition to exchanges, Photobooth Supply Co. offers store credit that never expires. Customers wishing to exchange merchandise purchased online at photoboothsupplyco.com must first contact us via email or phone to receive an exchange authorization number within five (5) business days of receiving the merchandise. 

    The merchandise must be accompanied by the original invoice, original packaging, and an exchange form. Returned items must be safely packaged, shipped, and postmarked via USPS First Class Mail or your national Postal Service (for international returns) within five (5) business days of receiving the merchandise. Exchanges received this period may be returned to the sender. Please keep in mind that any new item ordered as an exchange will not be shipped until we receive the original purchase.

    Unfortunately, Photobooth Supply Co. does not offer refunds, only exchanges

    While we appreciate your business, we have a strict exchange-only policy and cannot offer refunds for any of our products. 

    Items Not Eligible for Exchange:

     Items that show evidence of wear

     Items purchased at a discount, on sale, or with a promotion code

     Personalized or customized items

    The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges, unless the item received is incorrect or damaged. Shipping and handling charges on the original purchase are nonrefundable.

  • How accurate are the colors displayed on the website?

    We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on the website. However, due to monitor discrepancies, we cannot guarantee that your display of color will be accurate.

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