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The Future of Photobooths

Photobooth Supply Co. was built on a legacy of innovation, service, and quality. Queso is the future of an entire industry.

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This changes everything.

Queso is the first and only photo booth for sale with two integrated screens. You have the ability to share images, brand the screen, or just display a slideshow, all without any kind of internet connection.

Both the front and back screen of Queso run from the same computer. This means that there is no lag or delay for people sharing, texting, or emailing their images. You can even share while someone else takes a picture!

  • Print the Original

  • Level and Even

  • Car Friendly

  • Customize Everything


With Queso, you'll be able to print original images or a beautiful photo template directly from the sharing screen. The printer's environmentally friendly paper is partially made from recycled bamboo to reduce waste.

Queso's adjustable feet allow you to set your booth on an uneven surface and still take level photos.

Queso will fit into a sub-compact car. You can get three entire booths in a Prius!

With our built-in theme editor, you can make custom prompts and screens that will help you stand out.

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Small camera, big possibilities

Queso Cam is different. Unlike a traditional DSLR photo booth, you never run the risk of missing out on the moment. It's designed to military specifications that will allow it to run for years with no hiccups.

Print Perfection

Instead of being tied to a single size, Queso Print can change at the press of a button. Whether you'd like traditional 2x6 strips or massive 6x8 showstoppers, it's all up to you.

We built a custom color profile that ensures prints look just as good on paper as they do on screen.

Check out the software

Queso is powered by an exclusive photo booth app called QuesOS. We designed this software to be reliable enough to run without an attendant, which means that you can relax when it's out making money. Check out Alexis giving a quick demo to see just how easy it is to set up an event!

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