Linda & Eddy Stack 9 Photography

With little to no advertising, our booth has almost paid for itself. It took a little while to figure out how the Acer software works, but we had it up and running in no time! What differentiates our set up from all the ones we see out there is that it can hold a ton of people - I think our current record is 25 guests! This is a HUGE selling point.

Another reason we love this photobooth is for the quality of the prints. As photographers this was important to us as some of the booths we have seen have very poor quality. We give our clients two choices, either 2x6 strips with three photos or two identical 4x6 prints also with three photos. We have chosen to keep the prints and photo options REAL simple - but there are endless options to choose from. We love being able to custom design all of our print background designs to match the clients decor, themes and needs. We do feel that having some knowledge in Photoshop is a super plus.

And lastly, Photobooth Supply Company has fantastic customer service!! The creators, Brandon and Katrina were always very fast in getting back to us when we first started out using the booth. And then when the demand called for it they added more staff to help answer any and all questions regarding the booth no matter what time of day it is!! (Thank you Carlos!) When we first met Brandon and Katrina at Mystic Seminars it was instantly like being part of the "family"!

Angelica Criscuolo InstaMemory Booth

Investing in a photo booth was the best decision I've made last year! As an add-on, it has brought in more clients and added income to my business. Everyone loves the photo booth and its sleek design. The simplicity of the process makes it fun for guests and corporate events. I get inquiries from guests as soon as they email their photos to themselves they ask how to book the InstaMemory Booth. It's also great that Brandon and his team are always there to help you with any questions, concerns, and trouble shooting needs. Thanks PBSCO for creating such a great product! Definitely worth the investment.

Rob Steed Photo Event Booth

Photo Booth Supply Co offers a photo booth is sleek and modern and is easily incorporated in our client events. The booth is easy to transport and setup, offers great quality prints and the social booth software is great for my corporate events where spreading the word quickly on facebook or twitter to thousands of followers is a must have. The return on investment on this product has been so amazing, that we purchased a second booth in less than a year. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with these amazing booths!

Brooks & Diana Swatch Photobooth

Taking the plunge and becoming PBSCO Owners is one of the greatest decisions we have made as a wedding photography studio. We are now able to offer our clients a one-of-a-kind, use-friendly, chic, open-air Photo Booth that they have never seen before. The genius assembly of this booth seemed intimidating at first, but we had absolutely no problem putting it together. We love the ease of use and the look is just right for our company branding and how we present ourselves to customers.

John Flanagan II Orange Photo Booth Company

After searching for just the right photo booth, we saw the PBSC booth at a trade show and immediately knew it was the one we wanted to offer our clients. Aesthetically the booth is beautiful. It produces stellar studio quality images and prints! The instructions for how to set up the booth are clear and concise, and we’ve had great support anytime we’ve had a question. My favorite comments from guests are: "This has been more popular than the DJ!” and "My husband and I have never had nice photos taken of us until now. Thank you so much!"

Our booth lets us give a special gift to people. We can see just how special by the look on their faces when they see how good they look and are having a ton of fun.

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