Alan Duro The Snap Boxx

After looking into numerous photo booth businesses, franchises, and DIY options I came across PhotoBooth Supply Co. Out of all the options I looked into when considering purchasing a photo booth to use for rentals the Photo Booth Supply Co's product made the most sense by far; both practically and financially. First off their product just looks cooler - which is actually kinda huge when you're a new business with just a website and some business cards. The packaging and assembly is extremely well thought out and the post-purchase customer service so far has been excellent. The booth is very easy to transport (which was a big consideration for me) and the documentation of its setup, both of the hardware and software, is fantastic. I've only just begun my experience with the booth but I'm already feeling very optimistic about its potential. Thanks Brandon and Photo Booth Supply Co, you guys have put together an excellent product!

Zac Wolf The Danger Booth

I'm sure many people buy their first photobooth from Photo Booth Supply Company but our booth from PBSCO was our second and because of this we feel uniquely qualified to say just how much of an upgrade it was. First, the hardware is fantastic - it's sleek, steady, and built with high quality materials. Everything fits neatly into a single case that's nearly effortless to transport. The photo quality is also excellent and the flash makes guests look magazine cover ready. Behind the scenes, there is endless support - everything from troubleshooting guides, to a facebook forum, to access to a PBSCO employee to answer pressing questions. In summary, the design, quality, and support are what makes PBSCO the stand out choice for a photo booth.

Jared Rey Rock Box Booth

photobooth supply co is an awesome family of photobooth owners who are all available to help each other succeed. The booth is sleek and easy to assemble with stellar support to get the owner up and running in no time. I am impressed by the quality of all the materials that come standard with all booths. This company will hold your hand through the entire process to make sure you succeed with your booth. The level of support that is available to all owners is priceless and I am so thankful to have this family around whenever I need them.

Mary & Roy Mary and Roy

Roy and I searched for the longest time for the perfect photo booth to add to our business. We knew we wanted to offer a photo booth, but we could not find something that offered the combination of sleek design, customization options, and digital, printing, and social sharing options that are offered with the PBSCO photo booth. We love our open photo booth and all of our clients have gone crazy for it! Even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it's only growing more - we even need to order a second booth soon! All of our 2014 wedding couples have added on our photo booth to their wedding package and it has increased our sales more than we could have imagined. PBSCO is the answer to the photographer who is looking for a high quality photo booth and top notch service! When we were first inquiring about the booth Brandon called me within 10 minutes of me sending my questions and is extremely attentive throughout the ordering process and he and Katrina continue to be an amazingly helpful and friendly resource! Right out of the box the photo booth is easy to set up with the in depth walkthrough guide PBSCO has put together and continues to update, including guides for incorporating social media sharing with an iPad and customizing the booth's touchscreen to match our branding. We couldn't be happier with our PBSCO photo booth and we are so excited about being photobooth owners!

Thank you for creating the perfect photo booth for photographers!

Ben Hartley Style & Story Creative

Our team has positioned ourselves to be high end wedding photographers. We have wanted to start offering photo booths to our couples for a long time, but had not been able to find a photo booth that fit our clientele.

We finally stumbled upon Brandon and Photobooth Supply Co. and were amazed to find a booth that:

  1. Had a stylish, minimal design that our discerning brides would appreciate.
  2. Took amazing quality images that we could be proud to offer our couples, staying true to our high end brand.
  3. Was easy to set up, tear down , and transport.

To top it all off, Brandon has been a wizard at making sure we had everything we need, and not just at the beginning. It's been 8 months now, and he still helps us out along the way with any questions, concerns, ideas, troubleshooting or tips. When we bought our photobooth from Brandon, We bought more than just a device. In many ways, we bought a Turn-Key system for running our own Photo Booth company. We are already gearing up to purchase another."

Sarah V. Martinez Sarah V. Martinez

PBSCO is not only an ingenious solution to the ever popular photo booth, but it is also backed by some of the nicest people I have had the honor to get to know and work with. In the buying process, Brandon made sure that every question I had was answered, he had no problem talking with me a couple of times at the convention where I first met his team and was debating the investment and he was always open about how to use the booths to their fullest potential without over-selling you on things that your particular company doesn't require. I bought the lowest level booth since it is all entirely new to me and I didn't want to be overwhelmed with too many things at once and he was perfectly cool with that and didn't try to convince me otherwise. He let me know my options (and even will remove items like the camera or the Alien Bee if you already have those) and explained that I am always able to upgrade in the future should I decide to go balls to the wall with it!

I messaged with Brandon after the convention and he walked me through the steps of placing an order and when the photo booth arrived, I was blown away! I saw the assembled booth at the convention and the cases it would arrive in but I never dreamed it would all look so insanely professional all packed in there. Everything has it's perfect spot in the case and you definitely feel like your investment is safe while you travel with it.

The pictures and step by step instructions you use to initally set up the computer, booth and the software are very well laid out and explained; I had no problem following any of it (and felt reassured that he would answer any questions I had should they arise). And once you are a PBSCO owner, you get added to an awesome Facebook group of people who bounce ideas off one another and are all around helpful (Brandon is active in there too!).

I highly recommend PBSCO and I am so happy that I not only have a great investment, but that I am supporting people I genuinely feel are good, smart, awesome human beings! Thank you, Brandon!

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