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Kelsey Goodwin K Good Photo

The moment I saw the Photobooth Supply Co. at WPPI, I knew that I had to have one of my own. I had done my research on photobooths and I recognized immediately the versatility, mobility and sex appeal of this particular set-up. As a photobooth owner, its allowed me to grow my business as a photographer and entrepreneur. The ability to not only generate an additional stream of income, but also with the ability to outsource one within the industry is rare and completely beneficial.

Severine Wider Severine Photography

Katrina and Brandon of Photo Booth Supply Co are the best. They are the nicest and the more helpful person in the industry. Each time I have a question they take time to answer and always find a way to help me. The Photo Booth is beautiful, well done, and work perfectly. I love it and have no doubt that it's the best in the market. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants one.

After trying out the photo booth ourselves, we immediately decided to purchase not one, but THREE booths from the Photo Booth Supply Co. The sleekness of the design, the ease of use, the portability… all of these were all factors in our decision. But the marketability and the possibility to boost our sales really made this a no-brainer. Since we received the booths, we have easily integrated this service into our associate wedding photography studio and it has been a huge hit – as well as a financial success for the studio. It was easy to train and hire photo booth operators to set up and keep an eye on the booth during an event, and because of this, we were able to make out photo booths available for hire outside of weddings. With 3 booths, we can do up to 3 events per day, and this is already a reality for our studio. We opened up business to other events via our website and we had a request for a corporate event in our inbox the very next day. We were confident in our decision to stock up on photo booths from PBSCo right from the start, and this move has already paid off. At this rate, our investment should be paid off by the end of the year. We are so thrilled with this product and could not recommend it highly enough!

There are two things that inspire total abandon, that urge a person to break free from the socially acceptable and leap out of the box (so to speak) and act like a total fool in public. Love and photobooths. Photobooth Supply Co. has created a product that proves the two go hand in hand. They have lovingly crafted a simple, elegant, modern, beautiful twist on the photobooth of yesterday that effortlessly allows my clients to create hilarious, moving, creative, side splitting images with the tap of the screen. Upon seeing the images appear they just keep coming back for more. The DJ may think that he’s got a handle on the crowd, but when my photobooth lights up, the party really gets going! We have tried several different photobooths but none that were as easy to transport, set up, and operate while looking so good. With the included rolling case we can finally offer our exclusive destination wedding clients a photobooth with confidence that it will be easy to transport and will arrive safely. Thanks Photobooth Supply Co!

We’ve been searching tirelessly the last several years for an add-on photobooth to offer our clients, but we’re never satisfied. The designs were either cheaply constructed, flimsy, unprofessional, and did not meet our aesthetic standards. Some booths looked awesome but were exorbitantly priced. It wasn’t until we saw Photobooth Supply Co’s solution that we were genuinely blown away. The ease of use, clean design, and thoughtfulness put into the design made it an easy decision to purchase one. We’re proud to offer this Photobooth to our clients and they absolutely love it.

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