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We were excited to start a photobooth business, but searching for the perfect booth was not so easy. We wanted a product that stood out from the rest of the competition. When we found PBSCO, we fell in love with the booth. The sleek professional design was exactly what we were looking for. We love that the booth does not require a lot of space, yet simple enough to use with a touch of a button. Best of all, everything fits into a durable rolling case. PBSCO and the support team online are full of knowledge and are willing to give tips, advice, and support 24/7. Thanks Photobooth Supply Co for creating such an amazing product!

As a very new owner of a PBSCO booth, I have been so impressed with the way that Brandon and Katrina have encouraged me, supported me, and motivated me to boost my business. Their customer support has been outstanding - not only incredibly fast, but also consistently positive and personal; I am still in awe of how quickly they are able to respond to my requests for info or help. The online community of owners that they have established and nurtured is phenomenal. I love that there's a group of people willing to share technical knowledge and product information, as well as provide moral support, a referral network, and business advice for one another. It's not a coincidence that this network is in place; this is something that Brandon contributes to and interacts with on a daily basis and his love and passion for this company - and its individual booth owners - shows every single day. While it felt like a huge leap to make the purchase, I haven't looked back since.

I’m always looking for something new to add to our arsenal. that will keep me current, that will give clients a reason to book me, and this past year i came across pbsco. i realized all i had to do is to get it out the door nine times, and it paid for itself. and after it paid for itself, it would be pure profit. it’s easy to sell in the off season, for commercial events, birthday parties, and networking events. you don’t have to sell it along with just your wedding coverage.

It's the perfect companion to the successful wedding studio! I love the design - modern, Innovative and practical, Brandon and Katrina have really made something beautiful and easy to use! All of our wedding clients love to add this fun service to their package - a great add-on for the bride who wants it all! Plus, a great community of owners who share ideas, challenges, and marketing strategies, I love my booth! Thanks Photobooth Supply Co!

We have been looking for a photo booth system to compliment our wedding photography business for several years, but did not find any viable options until we came across Photo Booth Supply Co. The two criteria that we had for our photo booth was it had to be portable (fits in our compact car) and also needed to look professional (not homemade or DIY). We were completely blown away with it’s elegant design and small form factor and knew right away this is what we had been looking for. PBSCO’s unique system met our criteria, and then some.

Image quality was not something that we had initially considered when looking for a photo booth, however after trying out the booth for ourselves we immediately knew there was something different about the images that it produced. We were familiar with standard photo booths and have come to know and expect subpar images that were grainy and dark. However the studio lighting system that accompanies PBSCO’s photo booth produces amazing images with soft, even lighting that look like they were taken at a photo studio. That actually turned out to be one of our biggest selling points when advertising our photo booth to clients and really sets itself apart from other systems out there.

The support has been equally impressive and PBSCO has gone above and beyond to help get us started with video tutorials, photos and help documents. Everything you need to get started has been included, from the assembly tools to the suggested settings on the camera and software. Even the printer drivers come pre-installed so you are ready to go within minutes. I really can’t say enough about the amount of thought and detail that has been put in to this product. PBSCO is an amazing company with a very high-quality photo booth that not only looks great but produces stunning images as well. It is simply the best photo booth system out there.

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