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Photobooth Supply Co has created the BEST open air photobooth a photographer could dream of. Both the transportation and set up of the booth can be done by one person in under 10 minutes. The quality of the booth is fantastic and incredibly stylish at weddings; the professionalism the booth brings to my company is constantly being complimented.

My clients have loved the switch from a photographer-operated booth to one where they can view the photo on the tablet both before and after image capture. Additionally, the customer service and troubleshooting help had been beyond my expectations and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being in the photobooth supply co family.

Financially, I bought the booth in October and in under 4 months it has paid for itself. Not only does the photobooth boost wedding bookings and potential revenue at weddings, it spreads my studio name over social media within days of a wedding, and has opened other revenue opportunities in my city.

The icing on top is that Brandon and Katrina Wong are the kind of people whose business it is a joy supporting. They are integrous, kind, prompt, fun, and highly knowledgable on their product.

I am so proud to own a photobooth supply co booth and offer it at a service to my clients.

Lauren Scott Tickled Photobooth

PBSCO had everything I was looking for in a photo booth—modern, compact, and affordable— and more. Brandon and Katrina are uber responsive and friendly – having answered a ton of questions for me alone! They have created an awesome product and a thriving online community of photo booth owners where we can discuss challenges and share best practices. I am so grateful to have found PBSCO, especially since photo-boothing is my first entrepreneurial venture. Through design and customer service, PBSCO has minimized the possible technical challenges and maximized the potential for success.

I remember when I first laid my eyes on this beauty. The clean design, the sexy body, and the elegance of this setup is beyond amazing. I’ve never seen such a beautiful setup.

Photobooth Supply Co eliminates any disadvantages that anyone can come across. Its sleek design allows you to put this photobooth as close as you want to any backdrop or as far as you want to maximize the size of any backdrop. Its versatility is so slick that you won’t imagine owning anything else after you try this setup at your event.

It's also really important to have a setup that allows you to take up minimal space, transport, & setup in a extremely short period of time. One of the best things I love about this is that I can literally have it setup in approximately 10 minutes. Having a photobooth that you can setup in minutes & having the flexibility of literally setting it up anywhere you can possibly imagine is key.

Forget the booths that have a curtain & limit the number of people in the shot. You want people to see the action, the fun, & experience the energy that this thing brings across. You’ll have your guests begging & coming back for more in no time. As a matter of fact, you’ll make your DJ so jealous, he’ll be asking you about it. The booth is so awesome that it will blow your mind.

The more I use it, the more I love it & I can’t imagine having any other photobooth besides ours. It's hands down the best photobooth available!
Catalina Bloch MDRN Photobooth Co

I was never a big fan of photo booths let alone ever thought I would own one myself, until I came across Photo Booth Supply Co at a trade show. I bought one on the spot... The reason I didn't like photo booths before was that the image quality was usually terrible and so were the prints but PBSCO's photobooth was everything I could ever want in a photo booth! Great lighting, professional camera, great print quality and endless possibilities of templates. As if the machine itself isn't amazing enough you also become part of a supportive and informative community of owners that will help you along the way so your never stuck or alone.

Beau and Vero Beau and Vero

Purchasing the photo booth from Photobooth Supply Co. has been the best decision we made in 2014! From our very first event, that we did for free at a relative's birthday party, we have booked 3 paid events. People are always complimenting about how easy it is to use and how great the prints look. The PBSCO community has been an amazing support, wether you are contacting support or asking in Facebook, you know your questions will be answered quickly!

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