Factory Seconds Mermaid Backdrop
Factory Seconds Mermaid Backdrop

Factory Seconds Mermaid Backdrop


These backdrops have small sections of sequins that are not capable of flipping. You will receive a random color. All purchases of factory seconds are non-refundable or exchangeable. 

Easily create any message or image you wish on the backdrop with just the touch of your finger.

Loops at the top and bottom of the backdrop allow for even more visual variety as the colors sparkle and change differently depending on which side you hang as the top.

  • Reversible sequin colors will be chosen at random from our factory seconds selection, and all efforts will be made to ensure variety for orders of multiple backdrops
  • Total size ranges from 8' to 8’ 5” in height and 8' 6” - 8' 10” in width
  • Seamless
  • 3MM sequin diameter
  • Two 4" hanging loops for backdrop stands and curtain rods
  • Perfect for large groups
  • Sequin arrangement to be varied by piece
  • Expect some loss of sequins during transport and normal use
  • Backside of backdrop is a black fabric

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