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Queso Cash includes a $99 / Month subscription plan.

Queso is our flagship model and designed to be the future of photo booths.

We've answered every request. For the past two years, we've been taking the great things about our Legacy model and making them even better. 

Queso sets up faster. It's easier to learn. It's got a built in back screen so you can save money on sharing stations and apps. Instead of just taking beautiful photos, you can now take boomerangs, HD video, and more. 

This version includes a lightning fast and custom calibrated printer. Queso Print is so much more than you've ever expected. With it, you have the freedom to print 2x6, 4x6, 6x6, or even 6x8 images from the standard media roll. And completely unique to Queso is the ability to do all this from within the app.

Other photo booths are built to take pictures. Queso is built to make money. 

For even more details, please visit the features page.