Photobooth Supply Co. is the child of two wedding photographers Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos. After photographing so many weddings they realized that photobooths were now a necessity at all events. With that knowledge in mind the couple sought out to buy a photobooth, but kept running into ugly designs and overpriced monstrosities. That began our quest to create our own photobooth. The rest is history.


Why buy our booth?


Photobooth rentals are one of the cheapest businesses to get started in and one of the highest grossing. For under $6,000 you can be your own boss and make anywhere from $600 to $1500 per event depending on your market.

Growing Demand

Photobooths are essential at any type of event. Besides weddings, there are also Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, holiday parties, club events, Halloween parties, street fairs, sweet sixteens, Quinceañeras, birthday parties, corporate events, and more. There’s so much demand that in only six months, some of our owners have already gone ahead and bought their second and third booths.

Portability & Elegance

We spent two years on research and development creating a compact and beautiful solution for the modern day photobooth. With our easy to use assembly guides, you can teach anyone how to run the booth so you don’t even need to be present at events.
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  • Photobooth Supply Co.
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Open concept

Photobooth functionality

Comes with all version of our booth

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Yes, it all fits in that case
    Instead of having your equipment loosely bang around in your car, we have built a completely custom carrying case for your booth. Every part has it’s own unique section cut to the exact millimeter. During transportation everything will be immobile, increasing the longevity of your investment.
    The heaviest part in the photobooth only weighs 15 lbs, which allows almost anyone to be able to load up the booth. The entire booth only weighs 43 lbs.
    We’ve bought booths where we had to rent a cargo trailer or a cargo van. This booth can fit easily into the trunk or backseat of any mid-size sedan with ease. Because of this, venues won’t require you to go through the loading dock. Even with a printer, backdrop, and props you’ll only require one trip, saving you time and hassle.


iPad Integration

*Requires additional purchases

Social Media connectivity is enabled through various iPad applications. These programs allow sharing via a combination of e-mail, Facebook fan pages, Facebook personal pages, Twitter, SMS, and more. You can also capture your guest's e-mail for post marketing purposes.

iPad and iPad stand do not come with purchase.

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Our booths have social media sharing capabilities that allow users to share their photos through a variety of social media outlets.

No Wifi? Not to worry! Our photobooth software will queue up the emails, SMS, Facebook and Twitter uploads, and will send automatically once connected.


Guests can text photos directly to mobile phones, perfect for posting to Instagram!


With 17 filters, guests will have plenty of choices to choose from to customize their photos

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Animated GIFs

Guests can get creative with multiple poses that are then combined to create a short animation

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Professional Studio Lighting

Customizable Interface

With some photoshop knowledge, you can change the interface to match your brand or event. Perfect for upselling to clients and for ultimate customization!

Not proficient in Photoshop? Let our graphic designers make one for you.

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    I remember when I first laid my eyes on this beauty. The clean design, the sexy body, and the elegance of this setup is beyond amazing. I’ve never seen such a beautiful setup.

    Photobooth Supply Co eliminates any disadvantages that anyone can come across. Its sleek design allows you to put this photobooth as close as you want to any backdrop or as far as you want to maximize the size of any backdrop. Its versatility is so slick that you won’t imagine owning anything else after you try this setup at your event.

    It's also really important to have a setup that allows you to take up minimal space, transport, & setup in a extremely short period of time. One of the best things I love about this is that I can literally have it setup in approximately 10 minutes. Having a photobooth that you can setup in minutes & having the flexibility of literally setting it up anywhere you can possibly imagine is key.

    Forget the booths that have a curtain & limit the number of people in the shot. You want people to see the action, the fun, & experience the energy that this thing brings across. You’ll have your guests begging & coming back for more in no time. As a matter of fact, you’ll make your DJ so jealous, he’ll be asking you about it. The booth is so awesome that it will blow your mind.

    The more I use it, the more I love it & I can’t imagine having any other photobooth besides ours. It's hands down the best photobooth available!

    Leo Timoshuk 


    From the moment I laid eyes on the wares from Photobooth Supply Company I was sprung. The clever design coupled with top-notch components has resulted in an effective way to reach and please new customers while increasing my bottom line.

    I'm sure many people buy their first photobooth from Photo Booth Supply Company but our booth from PBSCO was our second and because of this we feel uniquely qualified to say just how much of an upgrade it was. First, the hardware is fantastic - it's sleek, steady, and built with high quality materials. Everything fits neatly into a single case that's nearly effortless to transport. The photo quality is also excellent and the flash makes guests look magazine cover ready. Behind the scenes, there is endless support - everything from troubleshooting guides, to a facebook forum, to access to a PBSCO employee to answer pressing questions. In summary, the design, quality, and support are what makes PBSCO the stand out choice for a photo booth.

    The Danger Booth


    photobooth supply co is an awesome family of photobooth owners who are all available to help each other succeed. The booth is sleek and easy to assemble with stellar support to get the owner up and running in no time. I am impressed by the quality of all the materials that come standard with all booths. This company will hold your hand through the entire process to make sure you succeed with your booth. The level of support that is available to all owners is priceless and I am so thankful to have this family around whenever I need them.

    Rock Box Booth


    The PBSCO Photo Booth is the 2nd photo booth I've purchased for my business. The booth itself is well designed and it's appearance is a huge selling point to my clients. It's very portable and I love it! Before the purchase, all my questions were promptly answered and the level of service since has been incredible! The community of other PBSCO owners on Facebook is very supportive; the company has done a great job of creating a great network of support where ideas are freely shared among other owners and resources are readily exchanged for everyone's benefit. I highly recommend!

    Studio Veil

  • MARY + ROY

    Roy and I searched for the longest time for the perfect photo booth to add to our business. We knew we wanted to offer a photo booth, but we could not find something that offered the combination of sleek design, customization options, and digital, printing, and social sharing options that are offered with the PBSCO photo booth. We love our open photo booth and all of our clients have gone crazy for it! Even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it's only growing more - we even need to order a second booth soon! All of our 2014 wedding couples have added on our photo booth to their wedding package and it has increased our sales more than we could have imagined. PBSCO is the answer to the photographer who is looking for a high quality photo booth and top notch service! When we were first inquiring about the booth Brandon called me within 10 minutes of me sending my questions and is extremely attentive throughout the ordering process and he and Katrina continue to be an amazingly helpful and friendly resource! Right out of the box the photo booth is easy to set up with the in depth walkthrough guide PBSCO has put together and continues to update, including guides for incorporating social media sharing with an iPad and customizing the booth's touchscreen to match our branding. We couldn't be happier with our PBSCO photo booth and we are so excited about being photobooth owners!
    Thank you for creating the perfect photo booth for photographers!

    Our team has positioned ourselves to be high end wedding photographers. We have wanted to start offering photo booths to our couples for a long time, but had not been able to find a photo booth that fit our clientele.

    We finally stumbled upon Brandon and Photobooth Supply Co. and were amazed to find a booth that:
    1. Had a stylish, minimal design that our discerning brides would appreciate.
    2. Took amazing quality images that we could be proud to offer our couples, staying true to our high end brand.
    3. Was easy to set up, tear down , and transport.
    To top it all off, Brandon has been a wizard at making sure we had everything we need, and not just at the beginning.  It's been 8 months now, and he still helps us out along the way with any questions, concerns, ideas, troubleshooting or tips.  When we bought our photobooth from Brandon, We bought more than just a device. In many ways, we bought a Turn-Key system for running our own Photo Booth company. We are already gearing up to purchase another."

    PBSCO is not only an ingenious solution to the ever popular photo booth, but it is also backed by some of the nicest people I have had the honor to get to know and work with. In the buying process, Brandon made sure that every question I had was answered, he had no problem talking with me a couple of times at the convention where I first met his team and was debating the investment and he was always open about how to use the booths to their fullest potential without over-selling you on things that your particular company doesn't require. I bought the lowest level booth since it is all entirely new to me and I didn't want to be overwhelmed with too many things at once and he was perfectly cool with that and didn't try to convince me otherwise. He let me know my options (and even will remove items like the camera or the Alien Bee if you already have those) and explained that I am always able to upgrade in the future should I decide to go balls to the wall with it!

    I messaged with Brandon after the convention and he walked me through the steps of placing an order and when the photo booth arrived, I was blown away! I saw the assembled booth at the convention and the cases it would arrive in but I never dreamed it would all look so insanely professional all packed in there. Everything has it's perfect spot in the case and you definitely feel like your investment is safe while you travel with it.
    The pictures and step by step instructions you use to initally set up the computer, booth and the software are very well laid out and explained; I had no problem following any of it (and felt reassured that he would answer any questions I had should they arise). And once you are a PBSCO owner, you get added to an awesome Facebook group of people who bounce ideas off one another and are all around helpful (Brandon is active in there too!).
    I highly recommend PBSCO and I am so happy that I not only have a great investment, but that I am supporting people I genuinely feel are good, smart, awesome human beings! Thank you, Brandon!

    The moment I saw the Photobooth Supply Co. at WPPI, I knew that I had to have one of my own. I had done my research on photobooths and I recognized immediately the versatility, mobility and sex appeal of this particular set-up.

    As a photobooth owner, its allowed me to grow my business as a photographer and entrepreneur. The ability to not only generate an additional stream of income, but also with the ability to outsource one within the industry is rare and completely beneficial.

    Katrina and Brandon of Photo Booth Supply Co are the best. They are the nicest and the more helpful person in the industry. Each time I have a question they take time to answer and always find a way to help me. The Photo Booth is beautiful, well done, and work perfectly. I love it and have no doubt that it's the best in the market. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants one. Severine Photography

    Severine Wider


    After trying out the photo booth ourselves, we immediately decided to purchase not one, but THREE booths from the Photo Booth Supply Co. The sleekness of the design, the ease of use, the portability… all of these were all factors in our decision. But the marketability and the possibility to boost our sales really made this a no-brainer.

    Since we received the booths, we have easily integrated this service into our associate wedding photography studio and it has been a huge hit – as well as a financial success for the studio. It was easy to train and hire photo booth operators to set up and keep an eye on the booth during an event, and because of this, we were able to make out photo booths available for hire outside of weddings. With 3 booths, we can do up to 3 events per day, and this is already a reality for our studio. We opened up business to other events via our website and we had a request for a corporate event in our inbox the very next day.

    We were confident in our decision to stock up on photo booths from PBSCo right from the start, and this move has already paid off. At this rate, our investment should be paid off by the end of the year.

    We are so thrilled with this product and could not recommend it highly enough!

    Davina & Daniel


    There are two things that inspire total abandon, that urge a person to break free from the socially acceptable and leap out of the box (so to speak) and act like a total fool in public. Love and photobooths.

    Photobooth Supply Co. has created a product that proves the two go hand in hand. They have lovingly crafted a simple, elegant, modern, beautiful twist on the photobooth of yesterday that effortlessly allows my clients to create hilarious, moving, creative, side splitting images with the tap of the screen. Upon seeing the images appear they just keep coming back for more. The DJ may think that he’s got a handle on the crowd, but when my photobooth lights up, the party really gets going! We have tried several different photobooths but none that were as easy to transport, set up, and operate while looking so good. With the included rolling case we can finally offer our exclusive destination wedding clients a photobooth with confidence that it will be easy to transport and will arrive safely. Thanks Photobooth Supply Co!

    Micah & Megan

  • KAREN & ED

    We’ve been searching tirelessly the last several years for an add-on photobooth to offer our clients, but we’re never satisfied. The designs were either cheaply constructed, flimsy, unprofessional, and did not meet our aesthetic standards. Some booths looked awesome but were exorbitantly priced. It wasn’t until we saw Photobooth Supply Co’s solution that we were genuinely blown away. The ease of use, clean design, and thoughtfulness put into the design made it an easy decision to purchase one. We’re proud to offer this Photobooth to our clients and they absolutely love it.

    Ed and Karen


    We were excited to start a photobooth business, but searching for the perfect booth was not so easy. We wanted a product that stood out from the rest of the competition. When we found PBSCO, we fell in love with the booth. The sleek professional design was exactly what we were looking for. We love that the booth does not require a lot of space, yet simple enough to use with a touch of a button. Best of all, everything fits into a durable rolling case. PBSCO and the support team online are full of knowledge and are willing to give tips, advice, and support 24/7. Thanks Photobooth Supply Co for creating such an amazing product!



    As a very new owner of a PBSCO booth, I have been so impressed with the way that Brandon and Katrina have encouraged me, supported me, and motivated me to boost my business. Their customer support has been outstanding - not only incredibly fast, but also consistently positive and personal; I am still in awe of how quickly they are able to respond to my requests for info or help. The online community of owners that they have established and nurtured is phenomenal. I love that there's a group of people willing to share technical knowledge and product information, as well as provide moral support, a referral network, and business advice for one another. It's not a coincidence that this network is in place; this is something that Brandon contributes to and interacts with on a daily basis and his love and passion for this company - and its individual booth owners - shows every single day. While it felt like a huge leap to make the purchase, I haven't looked back since.


    With a happy heart,


    Momentus Photography

  • Tauran Woo

    It's the perfect companion to the successful wedding studio!  I love the design - modern, Innovative and practical, Brandon and Katrina have really made something beautiful and easy to use!  All of our wedding clients love to add this fun service to their package - a great add-on for the bride who wants it all!  Plus, a great community of owners who share ideas, challenges, and marketing strategies, I love my booth!  Thanks Photobooth Supply Co!

  • Kyler Kwock

    We have been looking for a photo booth system to compliment our wedding photography business for several years, but did not find any viable options until we came across Photo Booth Supply Co.  The  two criteria that we had for our photo booth was it had to be portable (fits in our compact car) and also needed to look professional (not homemade or DIY).  We were completely blown away with it’s elegant design and small form factor and knew right away this is what we had been looking for. PBSCO’s unique system met our criteria, and then some.
    Image quality was not something that we had initially considered when looking for a photo booth, however after trying out the booth for ourselves we immediately knew there was something different about the images that it produced.  We were familiar with standard photo booths and have come to know and expect subpar images that were grainy and dark.  However the studio lighting system that accompanies PBSCO’s photo booth produces amazing images with soft, even lighting that look like they were taken at a photo studio.   That actually turned out to be one of our biggest selling points when advertising our photo booth to clients and really sets itself apart from other systems out there.
    The support has been equally impressive and PBSCO has gone above and beyond to help get us started with video tutorials, photos and help documents.  Everything you need to get started has been included, from the assembly tools to the suggested settings on the camera and software.  Even the printer drivers come pre-installed so you are ready to go within minutes.   I really can’t say enough about the amount of thought and detail that has been put in to this product.    PBSCO is an amazing company with a very high-quality photo booth that not only looks great but produces stunning images as well.  It is simply the best photo booth system out there.
  • Kathryn Krueger

    Photobooth Supply Co has created the BEST open air photobooth a photographer could dream of. Both the transportation and set up of the booth can be done by one person in under 10 minutes. The quality of the booth is fantastic and incredibly stylish at weddings; the professionalism the booth brings to my company is constantly being complimented.

    My clients have loved the switch from a photographer-operated booth to one where they can view the photo on the tablet both before and after image capture. Additionally, the customer service and troubleshooting help had been beyond my expectations and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being in the photobooth supply co family.
    Financially, I bought the booth in October and in under 4 months it has paid for itself. Not only does the photobooth boost wedding bookings and potential revenue at weddings, it spreads my studio name over social media within days of a wedding, and has opened other revenue opportunities in my city.
    The icing on top is that Brandon and Katrina Wong are the kind of people whose business it is a joy supporting. They are integrous, kind, prompt, fun, and highly knowledgable on their product.
    I am so proud to own a photobooth supply co booth and offer it at a service to my clients.
  • Lauren Scott

    PBSCO had everything I was looking for in a photo booth—modern, compact, and affordable— and more. Brandon and Katrina are uber responsive and friendly – having answered a ton of questions for me alone! They have created an awesome product and a thriving online community of photo booth owners where we can discuss challenges and share best practices. I am so grateful to have found PBSCO, especially since photo-boothing is my first entrepreneurial venture. Through design and customer service, PBSCO has minimized the possible technical challenges and maximized the potential for success.

    Tickled Photobooth