Photobooth Supply Co. is the child of two wedding photographers Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos. After photographing so many weddings they realized that photobooths were now a necessity at all events. With that knowledge in mind the couple sought out to buy a photobooth, but kept running into ugly designs and overpriced monstrosities. That began our quest to create our own photobooth. The rest is history.

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  • While it felt like a huge leap to make the purchase, i haven’t looked back since


  • Setup can be done by one person in under 10 minutes

    Kathryn Krueger

  • The clever design coupled with top-notch components has resulted in an effective way to reach and please new customers while increasing my bottom line

    Kip Beelman

  • It allowed me to grow my business as an entrepreneur


  • pbsco is an awesome family of photobooth owners who are all available to help each other succeed


  • We immediately decided to purchase not one, but three booths from pbsco


  • All of our wedding couples have added our photobooth to their wedding package and it has increased our sales more than we could have imagined

    MARY + ROY

  • I realized all i had to do is to get it out the door nine times, and it paid for itself


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Why buy our booth?


Photobooth rentals are one of the cheapest businesses to get started in and one of the highest grossing. For $6,900 you can be your own boss and make anywhere from $600 to $1500 per event depending on your market.

Growing Demand

Photobooths are essential at any type of event. Besides weddings, there are also Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, holiday parties, club events, Halloween parties, street fairs, sweet sixteens, Quinceañeras, birthday parties, corporate events, and more. There’s so much demand that in only six months, some of our owners have already gone ahead and bought their second and third booths.

Portability & Elegance

We spent two years on research and development creating a compact and beautiful solution for the modern day photobooth. With our easy to use assembly guides, you can teach anyone how to run the booth so you don’t even need to be present at events.

Photobooth functionality

Comes with all version of our booth

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Our booths have social media sharing capabilities that allow users to share their photos through a variety of social media outlets.

No Wifi? Not to worry! Our photobooth software will queue up the emails, SMS, Facebook and Twitter uploads, and will send automatically once connected.


Guests can text photos directly to mobile phones, perfect for posting to Instagram!

Open concept



Yes, it all fits in that case
    Instead of having your equipment loosely bang around in your car, we have built a completely custom carrying case for your booth. Every part has it’s own unique section cut to the exact millimeter. During transportation everything will be immobile, increasing the longevity of your investment.
    The heaviest part in the photobooth only weighs 15 lbs, which allows almost anyone to be able to load up the booth. The entire booth only weighs 43 lbs.
    We’ve bought booths where we had to rent a cargo trailer or a cargo van. This booth can fit easily into the trunk or backseat of any mid-size sedan with ease. Because of this, venues won’t require you to go through the loading dock. Even with a printer, backdrop, and props you’ll only require one trip, saving you time and hassle.

iPad Integration

*Requires additional purchases

Social Media connectivity is enabled through various iPad applications. These programs allow sharing via a combination of e-mail, Facebook fan pages, Facebook personal pages, Twitter, SMS, and more. You can also capture your guest's e-mail for post marketing purposes.

iPad, iPad Software and iPad stand do not come with purchase.

  • photo booth
  • photo booth
  • photo booth


With 17 filters, guests will have plenty of choices to choose from to customize their photos

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  • photo booth filters
  • photo booth filters

Animated GIFs

Guests can get creative with multiple poses that are then combined to create a short animation

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  • photo booth GIF ideas
  • photo booth GIF ideas
  • photo booth GIF ideas

Professional Studio Lighting

Customizable Interface

With some photoshop knowledge, you can change the interface to match your brand or event. Perfect for upselling to clients and for ultimate customization!

Not proficient in Photoshop? Let our graphic designers make one for you.

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